It was night, a hot August day, Javier still had a trip to take before taking the vacation, picked up the phone and called his wife to tell him he would fold a little later than normal, then he put The wheel of his truck had to cross a curvy road through the middle of the forest to reach the unloading plant.
It began to drizzle I was listening to the radio, a program that talked about the beyond, spirits, ghosts and a long etcetera, the presenter began to say that in the forests around the world there are halos of light that looked like people who roamed our world and that many people have confirmed his presence, suddenly a chill ran through his body thinking he would do if he crossed a spectrum while driving.
When taking a curve with a very steep slope, he saw some wheel marks coming out of the road as if it were an abrupt braking, but I can’t see anything out of the ordinary, while his eyes returned to the road, on the opposite side.
Something small moved, when he finally passed by he saw that he was a small child. Oh my God!! scream. He stomped on the brake pedal of his truck across the road, got off quickly and was indeed a little boy about 3 years old, was injured almost his entire body full of blood from injuries, he was conscious and crying that was a good sign he thought , he remembered the first aid courses, he took the first-aid kit he always carried and began to wash and cover wounds as he could so that he would not bleed more while he called his emergency phone.
The little boy was trying to grab him so that he could take him in his arms with the naked eye, he didn’t seem to have anything broken, so he decided to take it, hugged his neck tightly, and Javier remembered his two beautiful daughters who only hugged him like that when they had fear. While he was going to the cab of the truck to be able to protect the child with his right arm, the little boy pointed to the forest trying to tell him something with his gesture.

Is there anyone else? – he asked, but the boy did not answer. I leave him carefully sitting in the passenger seat and went to look in the lush forest,
when a few meters on a slope there was a crashed car against a giant tree, he went down fast and with accelerated breathing because he did not know he would be there, when When he arrived, he saw that the car was totally shattered, it looked like a simple handkerchief, there was a man and a woman trapped by the iron mass in what looked like the front of the vehicle since it did not distinguish well from how it was. He came close enough to see if they were alive or not, when the woman grabbed his arm and said:

-My son, my son.

-Your son is well, he is safe, do not worry calm down, the ambulance is on the way.- he replied

The man also moved though with difficulty, but at least he was alive, Javier looked in the back and saw two baby chairs. -Shit !!! – He exclaimed. Missing a child, he started looking around the car but could not see it.
He continued down the slope until he reached a creek and was lying there motionless, he was scared to such an extent that he was drowning, he thought that this little body could be one of his girls, he had to erase that image and act as quickly as possible to save the Life of the little one.
When he reached him, he was not breathing, he began to do the resuscitation he had learned, squeezing his chest with one hand enough not to be able to break some ribs and doing his mouth to mouth, he had been with this maneuver for a couple of minutes but he was still without breathe, when in the distance he heard the sound of sirens, they finally arrive, he thought.
He looked down at the boy and began to react his pulse was weak but he was breathing, without thinking he took it in his arms and went up the hill to be treated the first when the ambulances arrived. as he climbed past the side of the car, the woman smiled and passed out, continued climbing until he reached the road, there he went to leave him on the ground when a shadow passed by his side, turned his head and there was planted behind him, It was death with his sharp scythe to take away an innocent soul. 

Nooo! you’re not going to take anyone – he shouted loudly trying to scare her.

Each time the sirens were heard closer, they were about to arrive, death moved his scythe from side to side until he pointed to the road in front of the truck, Javier approached and was there lying on the ground, could not believe what what I was seeing, it wasn’t that one, he was saving a family from an accident, when suddenly that figure touched his shoulder and he remembered …

-Sweetie! I will arrive later than normal, I have to make the last trip before taking the vacation, okay.

-Ok my love, be careful here we wait for you all three, I’m just preparing the bags, a kiss love.

-Ufff !! I’m tired but I don’t want to stop, if I stop I’ll be home late. But the fatigue could with me and I closed my eyes, when a long beep woke me up a car was coming in the opposite direction, I could not react. I left the child on the floor and my soul gradually evaporated, I went on a trip, but knowing that by my mistake I was able to save the lives of four people.


©Pedro Altamirano